Tracking Solutions
At Scitum we provide you with market-leading vehicle GPS trackers that gives you real-time access to the location of every of your vehicles, whilst increasing operational productivity. Once installed, you can monitor vehicle(s) via a computer screen, mobile phone or any portable device. Some reasons to track your vehicle are:
1. It is a smarter way to monitor and secure your moving assets.
2. It assures timeliness of delivery for businesses involved in delivery of goods.
3. It is a good indicator of vehicles which has been driven in an uneconomical manner (excessive speeding, revving and braking), which can lead to increased fuel consumption.

Network-based GPS/GPRS
These inexpensive trackers are able to transfer relevant information (e.g. device coordinates, vehicle idle times and speed) via GSM network (SMS /GPRS) and can be covertly fitted into your vehicle. The location data is collected and stored on a central server, where you can have complete, up-to-date knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralised, web-based interface.

Our GSM/GPRS trackers are perfectly suitable for knowing the location of your remote objects (trucks, cars, ships) quickly and easily. You can even use our asset location “play-back” tool to view the historical locations and drive characteristics of your vehicle. Some features include: monitoring ignition status (ON or OFF), monitoring fuel consumption rate, position (real-time) tracking, and doors open or closed status

Satellite Trackers
Our industry leading satellite-based trackers uses satellite technology to provide real-time GPS positions anytime and anywhere in the open sky. In addition, the tracking unit transmits the precise vehicle position and vehicle status to our central servers and records historical vehicle activity. This information can then be accessed 24hours a day through any internet connection. These trackers can be used to track the position of trailers, cargo containers, heavy construction equipment, boats and any other mobile assets. Key benefits are:
- Provides continuous real-time tracking and works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t or outside GSM coverage area
- These trackers are not susceptible to any type of cell phone jammers.
Some features of the satellite tracking devices include: Position tracking, on demand position information, geofence zones and maintenance reports

We also provide mobile location tracking and protection for employees and overseas workers; to know more about this service or how you can get started on any of our tracking solutions – contact us