Intruder Alarm
In recent times, the increase of treacherous actions have led to decisions which have had a huge impact on the security of families, homes, businesses, assets, independence and treasured memories. One of this lifetime decisions, is installing an Intruder Alarm Monitoring System which can help protect those things that are most precious to you.

The most basic alarm consists of a Control panel and keypad, one or more sensors to detect intruders, and a signalling device to indicate the intrusion.

We recognise the importance of relevant information and professional installation. Thus, to ensure we provide only the best service for you, we have partnered with a leader in the security industry, AES-Intellinet. They are credited for inventing ground-breaking methods in Alarm Communication technologies.

Our sophisticated intruder alarms use the latest radio mesh technology which creates a rugged, adaptive wireless data network, which expands to cover thousands of square miles. This requires no dedicated repeaters or towers: every remote subscriber unit is both a transceiver and a repeater. Hence, if your alarm is activated we receive a signal from your panel within 1-3 seconds and will respond to your emergency quickly. Your monitored burglar alarm is connected via telephone line or radio network or both to our remote monitoring station for the purpose of monitoring the alarm signals from your protected premises.