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Scitum Ltd is a market leading IT Security consulting firm, providing objective and customised security solutions to meet the customerís need. At Scitum, we provide a broad range of security services, which includes: design, installation and monitoring of IP surveillance cameras, electronic security systems, security management, biometric security, email hosting, asset and personnel tracking solution.

It is Scitumís mission to provide expert counsel on a wide range of security issues to individuals, organisations and government agencies (UK and internationally) to enable them stay ahead of security challenges. Our dedicated team of trainers are also able to provide bespoke training courses where specialised security knowledge is required.

Looking for cost-effective professional security services and advice in Europe or Africa? Then please contact us today for a fulfilling experience.
Our market-leading vehicle GPS trackers that gives you real-time access to the location of every of your vehicles.
Whether you own/run a company, having your own domain name that makes your business look more legitimate.
Installing an Intruder Alarm Monitoring System which can help protect those things that are most precious to you.
Our surveillance system provides remote recording and monitoring of images away from the location under surveillance.